CARO Racing Simulator

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Realistic and exciting racing experiences have been prepared by the CARO racing simulator that could provide extraordinary entertainment time for user. The simulator tries to simulate motions and forces on a driver in a real time. By exposing the player in the real-looking racing environment in a safe way, elements such as quick acceleration, deceleration, turning and jumping will bring the lifelike racing excitement which is the main purpose of this system.
CARO is an extended car simulator displayed with either 3 x 27" 2D curved LED including panoramic view technology or one big 43” 2D LED TV. It comes with a professional racing steering wheel, a professional racing seat with safety belts, 3 metallic pedals as accelerator, brake with a real braking characteristic and a clutch. It has two gear changing options: a manual sequential gear shifter or H-pattern gear shifter which both come with a handbrake.
Simulator collects data about a car’s position, its speed, a G-force, and other factors. According to physic/dynamic rules and other pre-provided data and the processed collected info, the simulator moves the driving cabin. The player will feel like driving in a real car as it offers inclination in curves, vibrations from a terrain or tarmac, a G-force during acceleration, braking or cornering up to 2G, and the inertia.

Feature Of CARO Racing Simulator

Fair and reasonable price

"CARO" is competitive in comparison with similar products in all over the world. The product price that is fair to clients considering quality, performance, supply situation, delivery time, and payment options.

High Quality

SourinTech is proud of offering a well-conceived range of products manufactured in modern facilities with advanced technologies. Several capable engineers and top university graduates cooperate to complete the design and manufacturing of the prototypes, and eventually the new technology-based productions.

After sale service and warranty

Warranty as well as all of the sale service and updating the games and soft wares and the “CARO” control such as repair and replace faulty and damaged parts will be done by the SourinTech experts and engineers. We offer the warranty for 1 year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first.

Caro Technical Specifications

Title CARO-Extreme CARO-VR
Display 3x27 OLED monitor 1x43” monitor with Virtual reality glasses (VR)
Simulator dimensions (m) 1.80 x 1.82 1.80 x 1.82
Simulator height
(driver’s cabin in the normal mode)
1.78 2
Maximum simulator height
(during the working situation)
2.3 2.5
Setting up space required
(square meter)
4 4
Machine weight (kg) 570 560
Driver maximum weight (kg) 120 120
Surroundings condition Roofed and dry Roofed and dry
Actuator course
(or period) (m)
0.5 0.5
Simulator maximum rotation
(Yaw axis)
±90° ±90°
Roll axis rotation ±30° ±30°
Pitch axis rotation ±30° ±30°
Power require Single phase 50 Hz Single phase 50 Hz
Voltage consume 220 w 220 w

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